Nature & Birding in B.C.

Living in the southern interior of British Columbia gives me access to the highest diversity of wildlife in Canada and a wide range of habitats.  Within a couple of hours from our home in the village of Logan Lake I can be hiking in alpine tundra, kayaking on the coast, birding in a huge array or wetlands and lakes or exploring forests, sagebrush, grasslands and more. Scroll down to select postings of memorable trips and local birding expeditions.

An American Badger photographed on the Douglas Lake Ranch, 3 August 2016. I was driving slowly along the public road when this badger ambled across the road and paused long enough for me to get a photo. ©Alan Burger
Some favourite hiking areas. View from Zupjok Peak near the Coquihalla Highway summit. The nearby peaks are all named after S American camelids: Llama, Alpaca, Vicuna and Guanaco. ©Alan Burger

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