Alan E. Burger – other seabird publications

Seabird publications by Alan E. Burger

Rhinoceros Auklet © Alan Burger

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In reverse chronological order

Chatwin, T.A., R. Joy and A. E. Burger. 2013. Set-back distances to protect nesting and roosting seabirds off Vancouver Island from boat disturbance. Waterbirds 36:43-52.  [PDF version]

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O’Hara, P. D., P. Davidson, and A. E. Burger. 2009. Aerial surveillance and oil spill impacts based on beached bird survey data collected in southern British Columbia. Marine Ornithology 37:61-65. [PDF version]

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Ronconi, R.A., C.C. St. Clair, P. D. O’Hara, and A.E. Burger. 2004. Waterbird deterrence at oil spills and other hazardous sites: potential applications of a radar-activated on-demand deterrence system. Marine Ornithology 32: 25-33. [pdf version]

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Burger, A. E. and M. Betts. 2001. Monitoring populations of Red-footed Boobies Sula sula and frigatebirds Fregata spp. breeding on Aldabra Atoll, Indian Ocean. Bulletin of British Ornithologists Club 121:236-246. [PDF copy]

Burger, A. E. and A. D. Lawrence. 2001. Census of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters Puffinus pacificus and Audubon’s Shearwaters P. lherminieri on Cousin Island, Seychelles using call playback. Marine Ornithology 29:57-64.   [PDF copy]

Burger, A. E. and A. D. Lawrence. 2001. A census of seabirds on Frégate Island, Seychelles. Atoll Research Bulletin No. 483: 1-10. [PDF copy]

Cooper, J., M. de L. Brooke, A. E. Burger, R. J. M. Crawford, S. Hunter, and A. J. Williams. 2001. Aspects of the breeding biology of the Northern Giant Petrel (Macronectes halli) and the Southern Giant Petrel (M. giganteus) at sub-Antarctic Marion Island. International Journal of Ornithology 4:53-68.

Burger, A. E. and A. D. Lawrence. 2000. Seabird monitoring handbook for Seychelles: suggested methods for censusing seabirds and monitoring their breeding performance. BirdLife Seychelles, Mont Fleuri, Seychelles. ISBN 99931-53-02-8.

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Burger, A. E., J. E. Etzkorn, B. Gisborne and R. Palm. 1998. Influx of Brown Pelicans off southwest Vancouver Island during the 1997 El Niño. Pacific Seabirds 25:61-64.  [PDF copy]

Blight, L.K. and A .E. Burger. 1997. Occurrence of plastic particles in seabirds from the eastern North Pacific. Marine Pollution Bulletin 43:323-325.  [PDF copy]

Burger, A. E. 1997. Arrival and departure behavior of Common Murres at colonies: evidence for an information halo? Colonial Waterbirds 20:55-65.  [PDF copy]

Wanless, S., M. P. Harris , A. E. Burger and S.T. Buckland. 1997. Use of time-at-depth recorders for estimating depth and diving performance of European Shags.  J. Field Ornithology 68:547-561.  [PDF copy]

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Pre-1990s publications

Black-legged Kittiwake. © Alan Burger

Piatt, J.F., D.A. Methven, A.E. Burger, R.L. McLagan, V. Mercer and E. Creelman. 1989.  Baleen whales and their prey in a coastal environment. Canadian Journal of Zoology 67:1523-1530

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